A momentous Team-building which is both fun and utterly useful

Relationships are essential for good teamwork. Each team-member needs to know their role and contribution to the team. All team-members need to be aware of their contribution to team success and how that is valued by the others. When relationships are based on respect and appreciation, the sky becomes the limit!

How can this be realised?
Hans Bouscholte has extensive competition results with ample psychology, leadership, communication knowledge /experience and in conjunction with proven team coaches and various tested team dynamic programs can bring your team to a higher level.

Undermentioned, an example of a 2 day Teambuilding training program
Day 1

Starts with a workshop. With support of Insights Discovery® personality profiles, the team-members get to know themselves better, as well as the others. Moreover, the team-members will get a thorough understanding of the team dynamics, why and how people react differently under stress and how all can contribute to mitigating or even preventing stress. The day will be concluded with a beach stroll and a good dinner. After inspecting your yacht, one of the most prestigious racing yachts of the international sailing scene, the crew will go to bed on the ship.


Day 2
Practice. The insights and intentions of day 1 will have to be put in practice under high pressure. The team will get assignments to sail, with each team-member taking a role as part of the crew. The team will be challenged on high performance targets, while the captain and the team coach will observe and provide feedback. The exact assignments will be tailored to the strategic goals of the team ánd the specific characteristics, stress buttons, weaknesses and blind spots of the team (known to us through the Discovery® analysis). The sailing sport is most suitable to work in a relaxed fashion on problems within the team cooperation, reorganisation, change management, mitigating organizational silos, or increasing team efficiency.

With whom will you board?
Your captain will be the round the globe professional and Volvo Ocean Race skipper Hans Bouscholte. With his top-level competition experience, he is your best choice as captain and coach to bring you and/or your team to a higher level.

The team coach is one of the leading coaches on people effectiveness. Due to wide experience as coach with management teams in  personal, team and leadership development, we can achieve more with your team in a shorter period and with more fun.

Your investment

Your investment consists mainly of two days away of the office. And investment in yourself and your team, and investment that will yield positively for years to come. In addition, the costs of the coaches, the personality profiles, the rent of the racing ship and the workshop room, food and beverages amount to a figure that you will find most reasonable.

To start with, please invest in a phone call to get to each other: Hans +31 6 55830351. Thus we will be able to tailor the program to your needs and wishes and to make you an offer in writing.